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My husband and I were moved to Ft. Bragg in 2012. We searched for a rental in an area that was close for both of us to commute to work. We found a rental home that Rusty was an agent for. Upon inquiring about the property, Rusty replied that he was not available for showing, but that his wife would meet us at the property for a walk through.

His wife (very nice lady) met us at the home and showed us around. She did not know many details about the property since she, herself, wasn't the agent. In a hurry to find somewhere to live, my husband and I decided to sign the lease for the property.

When the time came to sign the lease, Rusty, again, was not available. His assistant at ReMax went over the lease with us for signing. She, also, did not know all of the details and could not answer all of the questions we had, as he may have been able to do.

During the summer, we found out that our A/C was not working, which is considered "Emergency Maintenance." We contacted ReMax right away and was told that Rusty would handle sending someone out to fix it. We went TEN days without air conditioning in 90+ degree weather. When I contacted him directly, he said "Yeah, well I'm dealing with about eight other people in front of you... we're doing the best we can." After a company finally came out to look at our A/C, they told us they had to get approval before they could fix it. Another FIVE days pass, the A/C people contact us again and say that the owner of the home could not afford to fix the A/C, but only do a temporary fix with recharging and chemicals. The A/C was never completely fixed.

Some months later, Rusty contacted my husband. This was the first time Rusty had EVER spoken to us, other than telling us that we were "on his list" to help. He told us that the owner of the home wanted to move back in as soon as possible. We gladly started searching for new places. We found a much nicer home in a better neighborhood (with a different company). Once we told Rusty we were ready to move, he instructed us that we would have to set up a move-out inspection on a date and time that was convenient for him. We set it up for a weekday at lunch time, since both my husband and I work.

Rusty was 30 minutes late for the inspection. Although the house was MUCH cleaner than when we moved in, he commented on several things that were not "up to par." He did not have our move-in inspection sheets with him to check against the issues, only a blank notepad.

It ended up with us moving out, the owner moving back in, and my husband and I getting a letter in the mail this week stating that we "OWE" ReMax money, even after taking our entire deposit.

In closing, we had to deal with Rusty's attitude and non-attentiveness, as well as cater to the owner's unwillingness to fix things, and moving out before our lease ended. And now, we owe them more money. Maybe Rusty is trying to juggle so many things at one time that he cannot show enough RESPECT and care for his rental tenants.

Either way, my husband and I will NEVER deal with ReMax again, especially Rusty.

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