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I had the worst experience of my life dealing with this company as well as Sheena Montgomery. I am very pleased that my lease has ended and I no longer live on a property that she manages. She is very unprofessional, not punctual, she doesn't return calls, texts, she rarely checks her voice-mail. How are you supposed to be a business woman? She never gave me a copy of my walk through papers after I made several requests to get one. she never even gave me a copy of my lease. She shows up to appointments hours or even days late. Pops up to do inspections without proper notifications, is very nosey and rude and makes comments about your personal business like, your sex life..yes really..she gives black women a bad name. Makes false allegations against you because you give her a thirty day notice. She always talks about God, but does very devilish spiteful things. My rent was never!!! late and I took very careful care of the property...but yet and still I was totally violated and disrespected as a tenant.

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